6 Online Brands Killing It With Offline Packaging

Sure, ecommerce is an online operation, but unless your services are purely digital, there will come a point when your brand reaches customers in the physical world – the point of delivery. Packing forms an important part of your brand’s identity and provides an opportunity to make a good impression on your customers; the final flourish in their experience purchasing from you.

In a recent Dotcom Distribution report, 60% of respondents said that they would share a product photograph on social media if they thought it looked nice. Since we’re heavily influenced by our sphere of friends and connections, this is no small thing. Here are some online brands that are killing it with their offline packaging. Watch and learn.

#1 – Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation, makers of various laundry detergents, soaps, and other cleaning products, take their ethical credentials very seriously. As a brand they are heavily environmentally conscious, appealing to a widening subset of people who wish to purchase products that are ethically and environmentally sound.

source: seventhgeneration

The brand uses plant-based and recycled materials for all its packaging, leaving out added fragrances or chemicals. Its products – and packaging – are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. They also support the Come Clean initiative by prominently displaying all ingredients on their packaging.

Bonus: Seventh Generation’s eco-friendly products are no more expensive than regular brands, so consumers need not feel torn between wallet-friendly and eco-friendly choices.

#2 – Joolz

Designers and manufacturers of baby strollers and accessories, Joolz is an eco-conscious brand that has caused a stir with its creative, reusable packaging. In a statement on their website, they say:

It’s such a shame to throw away all that cardboard,” our Creative Director commented one day. That’s where it started. We reverted to our youthful idealism and came up with the idea of recycling our packaging. Big and small cardboard boxes – unpack them first – then convert them into a bird house, a reindeer or a lamp. So don’t throw the packaging away. Recycling is better for the environment and, who knows, your little one might learn something too.

Their cardboard packaging, once unpacked, can be reused and turned into a range of different objects: a chair, a lamp, an elephant, a hot air balloon – even a puppet theatre. Creative and eco-friendly. What’s not to like?

source: nudiovestiti

#3 – Birchbox

Birchbox is a beauty product subscription service that sends out personalized boxes of new products for its subscribers to try every month. Not only that – each box is beautifully designed and never duplicated. There’s a different visual theme each month, which has proved so popular that many people have started collecting them.

Birchbox’s packaging is arguably part of the reason they’ve done so well. Its popular, collectible designs have led to regular YouTube unboxing videos and social sharing, as the unveiling is all part of the enjoyable experience.

source: thedieline

#4 – Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild were one of the first letterbox flower companies, and to this day they make a great success of it. All of their flowers are hand-packed while in bud (so they last longer), sealed with protective netting, and delivered in a box designed to fit comfortably through the letterbox. When it comes to delivering delicate products like flowers, it’s as much about practicality as looks.

Following six months in development, the Bloom & Wild box is also simply and beautifully designed, featuring elegant typography and colored interiors (for its premium range). Each bouquet comes with care tips and arrangement instructions and for the most part, next-day delivery.

source: bloomandwild

#5 – Chemise-Homme

Makers of unique, elegant men’s shirts for “passionate men who dare to assert their original style”, Chemise-Homme has found an equally unique, elegant way to package and present its products – inside a sleek, reusable wooden box. This sends a clear message: like their products, the packaging is stylish, premium and long-lasting. When you buy into their brand, you buy into their whole ethos of practical elegance and fine finishes.

source: retaildesignblog

#6 – Northbox

While not strictly a B2C brand, the Cascades Northbox® deserves a mention. Shipping food sustainably by mail is a growing trend, with brands like Ocado and HelloFresh taking the industry by storm. Made entirely of recycled materials and fibers, the Northbox® is an isothermal, insulated container that is specially designed for temperature-sensitive products, like frozen and fresh food.

Not only that, the box is fully recyclable and adaptable, with adjustable insulation depending on changing seasons and delivery timeframes. Of course, it can be custom branded with your company logo and color scheme. A definite consideration for budding food and beverage businesses operating online in the US and Canada.

source: cascades

Whether you’re in the process of creating an online brand, or you have one already, – have a think about your packaging. How can you take this opportunity to delight your customers and make your brand experience even stronger? Some of the best brands out there are known and celebrated for their innovative, beautiful or eco-friendly packaging, so what’s stopping you doing the same?

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